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Despo's is strongly committed to the protection of our environment and to the health of our customers. To this end, we actively engage in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Use all "green" cleaning supplies
  • Donate our fry oil to the Environmental Resource Center for alternative fuel use
  • Have suspended take out until an environmentally acceptable container becomes available
  • Use all compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Recycle all recyclable materials
  •  Do not offer seafood that is over-fished

Source locally:

  • beans grown in Twin Falls
  • Regionally sourced beef
  • local natural pork
  • tortillas made in Boise
  • cheese from Jerome

For your health, Despo's:

  • Serves only sustainable fish
  • Serves natural chicken & pork
  • Serves regionally sourced beef from small, non-factory farms
  • Uses non-hydrogenated (no trans fat) oil for frying and cooking
  • Uses 100% fresh avocados in our guacamole
  • Unbleached 100% consumer-recycled paper